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If you have a Mate, you’re never alone

There is nothing better than having the confidence to ride, drive or wander where you please, knowing that if help is needed, your mate is there to assist.
The Quoll Medical Mate is an innovation from a well-respected Australian company who have been supplying pharmacies and post offices for the last 35 years. It goes where you go and connects you to your family and friends wherever there is Telstra coverage.

What can the medical mate for the elderly do for you?

  • It has a 2-way call feature. You can use it like a cell phone provided your location has Telstra reception.
  • Your elderly or disabled relative can’t get to the phone? No worries. The Mate can automatically answer calls for them, on speaker mode.
  • In case you fall, the mate’s fall detector is programmed to notify up to six people through an automatic text message. The message indicates your GPS location so that your help can find you faster.
  • It comes with geofencing tracking feature. If you are a primary caregiver to an elderly relative or friend, the mate notifies you if and when they leave their designated safe zone.

Need more information before you purchase? Call our friendly team on 1300 727 906.

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Additional 2 Year Warranty