Quoll Medical Dog Tag Style Pendant with Necklace


    Dog tag style pendant including QR code on the back. Comes in circle, square, rectangle or rounded styles.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Quoll Alert Button Necklace:

    Is the pendant or the necklace ideal for the active and sporty?

    Yes. They are made of Hypoallergenic Steel, making them ideal for users active in outdoor activities. You can even wear yours to the pool and it will still be as good as new. They are appropriate for hand-washing and showering too.

    Which information do you put on a medical alert pendant or necklace?

    Our medical necklace alerts for the elderly are customized to cover every user’s unique medical needs. Essentially, our medical jewelleries convey vital information that could assist emergency medical personnel and well-wishers to give you the best, fastest medical care. That includes your preferred hospital or doctor, underlying medical issues, emergency contacts and food or drug allergies etc.

    Is one medical alert jewellery enough?

    It could be, but it is better to have multiple pieces in case you need backup.

    Can you repair my broken pendant?

    We can if and only if your one year warrant hasn’t expired. If your jewellery is over a year old, you can still have it repaired but at your own cost.

    Is it safe to put my name on the pendant?

    Yes. Apart from your social security information, any other personal information is safe and very useful on the pendant/necklace.

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