Quoll Medical Mate – Outright


The most advanced personal emergency location device, for the elderly, disabled or lone worker etc.

Medical Mate features an automatic fall detector, panic alarm, 4G technology, two-way calling, geofencing tracking, waterproofing and fast wireless charging to keep your loved ones connected, with help only a push of a button away.

The Quoll Medical mate is a personal panic alarm device made using the most advanced technology to keep you and your loved ones connected even when far away from each other. This personal emergency alarm system is made with the health and safety needs of the elderly, disabled or people living on their own in mind. It is easy to use and the only form of maintenance it requires is charging.

For the price of $495 help is only a button away. This alarm for elderly living alone comes with a registered Telstra SIM card, the client’s information preloaded and 12 months warranty. We will deliver the device at your doorstep for free of charge. With the Quoll Medical Mate, you can put most of your worries to rest.


  • Telstra SIM card Registered
  • Your information preloaded
  • Delivery
  • 12 months warranty.

If you have a Mate you’re never alone. Call 1300 727 906 for more info.

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