Quoll Medical Mate gives you freedom

Feel secure, confident and in control.

SOS Button, Auto fall alarm, Phone + more.

Take your mate with you wherever you go. It’s light, small and concealable.

  • We program your Mate to your requirements
  • Telstra 4G SIM included
  • Send your alarm to 9 of your Contacts
  • Up to 4 location technologies: GPS, WIFI, BLE, LBS
  • Call and receive phone calls hands-free
  • Secure 24/7 Emergency Call Centre

If you have a Mate you’re never alone

Emergency Personal Alarm with phone capabilities.

Convenient drop-in charge cradle included.

Medical Mate - Outright Purchase
Registered Telstra SIM card
4G WIFI with 3G fallback
2-way Hands-Free Calling
SOS Alarm
Fall Down/Medical Alarms
GPS Perimeter Alarm
Waterproof IP67
Includes Charging Base
Free setup with your contacts
Free Delivery
12 month warranty
Out of stock
Out of stock
$12.50 / month
Out of stock


Additional 2 Year Warranty